Create a Consistent Online Presence with
DoneForMe NAP !

NAP or Name, Address, Phone are the three most critical values for your business or professional practice. The World Wide Web is particularly crowded with inconsistencies, and DoneForMeNAP offers you a way to avoid them and build a consistent, seamless online presence.

Google loves NAP consistent businesses. Customers appreciate it too because NAP consistency is indicative of the professionalism, legitimacy and reliability of a business in terms of consistent contact information across all online platforms.

DoneForMeNAP takes care of this vital requirement, and helps maintain your business on top in search results.

Achieve 100% nap consistency with DoneForMeNap

Grow The Confidence In Your Potential Customers

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What is DoneForMe NAP

DoneForME NAP is a simple tool to capture the NAP (Name, address, phone number) inconsistencies, along with business hours and website inconsistencies and have them fixed on 3rd party sites so you have consistent information everywhere.

Why is it important to have consistent information?

“Having consistent information across the listings you show up on search results ensures that your users are finding the right information about you when they look up for your practice or you directly. This prevents missing potential leads. Additionally we also help optimize profiles and fill in the incomplete data which makes the profile show up in the first few pages increasing your online visibilty. Overall having perfected listings contribute an increase in the patients calls from online marketing, increased traffic to the website and the visibility of your practice.”

Why choose DoneForME NAP?

Unlike many other citation management sites we don’t go by a standard set of listings and fix them for you. We identify NAP inconsistencies on the local search results for your ‘practice name or business name’, and your providers’ name, which is why we call it DoneForME NAP. We will not waste your time and our trying to fix all the profiles on the internet which doesn’t add any value, but focus on the profiles that show up on the first three pages. We will constantly monitor this to make sure we catch any new listings that show up. Of course, we will also ensure that you are listed on the main 10 citation profiles that are very popular in your city. Additionally our team will also ensure that they provide guidelines and tips that will help you rank on Google 3 pack for your main keywords. If you are already a client with our digital marketing group Ekwa, we will take care of that too.