Dr. Stern

   Great job! Thank you for the hard work.
Dr. Jeanine Downie

   I am thrilled about the online disability improvement, and my SEO results as usual. You guys on the DoneForMe NAP team are fantastic. I do not understand the password reset and what you need for me. Please explain further and thank you.
Dr. Luu

   Great news! Thank you, DoneForMe NAP team. I did do the search on Google and indeed the office is 3rd on the list.
Dr. Boppana

   Last month has been the best month since we opened, due in part to the work of your DoneForMe NAP team, and hope 2018 turns out to be the beginning of the best phase for us.
Dr. Mike Milligan

   Ranking on the first page of google for popular keywords such as “Dentist Bloomington IL” will be sure to help more potential patients find our practice. Thanks for the update, DoneForMe NAP team. Have a great day.
Dr. Sam Gupta

   A big congratulations to get us in the google 3 pack for the search term dentist burlington
Dr. Tong

   That’s great news. More visibility is always good. So well done to your DoneForMe NAP team.
Dr. Kori

   That’s great that we show up in the 3 pack for Google. Thanks, DoneForMe NAP team, for helping us with our NAP for this new brand.

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